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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Most Recent Wage Benefits Table and Info

Accidents Taking Place On or After                       Maximum  

July 1st ,2014                                                             808.65
July 1st, 2013                                                             803.21
July 1st, 2012                                                               792.07
July 1st, 2011                                                               772.96
July 1st, 2010                                                               739.83
July 1st, 2009                                                               600
July 1st 2008                                                                550
July 1st 2007                                                                500
July 1st 1992                                                                400

And as of July 1st, 2015 it will change once again!  

Also, remember this:

How your wage benefits are calculated:

Mild disability = 1/6 of your gross average weekly wage up to the statutory maximum.

Moderate disability = 1/3 of your gross average weekly wage up to the statutory maximum.

Marked disability = 1/2 of your gross average weekly wage up to the statutory maximum.

Total disability = 2/3 of your gross average weekly wage up to the statutory maximum.


            Your doctor is the one who determines your degree of disability as a result of the work accident.  In order for you to be able to collect wage benefits, your doctor’s reports MUST indicate the exact percentage of disability that you have and explain how it related to the work accident.  Without an exact percentage (for example, if your doctor simply states that you are partially disabled but does not indicate how much percentage of partial disability you have) you may only be able to receive the minimum amount available in the partial category.  Therefore it is CRUCIAL that you MAKE SURE your doctor’s reports indicate the exact percentage disability you have AND that your disability is causally related to your work accident. 

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