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Friday, June 5, 2015

Are Strokes and Heart Attacks Covered By NY Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Technically, yes.  BUT these are VERY difficult to prove.  You would have to show that your employer put you through extreme and unusual mental or physical stress that directly led you to have a heart attack or stroke, and that has to be well documented in your medical report as well.  The good news is that even if you had a prior heart condition or other risk factor not associated with your job you could still get compensated by comp.  But because these are some of the most difficult claims to establish you definitely will need an attorney's help and not every attorney will be willing to take this type of case. 

Are Injuries At Company Sponsored Events Covered By NY Workers' Compensation?

YES!  Generally speaking, if you are injured while attending a company sponsored event in NY you will be covered by workers' compensation insurance.  But you must be mindful that the same usual exceptions, such as accidents as a result of alcohol intoxication, physical fighting, etc or if the injury occurs after the event has finished - all cases in which you may not be covered by comp.  Make sure you file a claim as soon as possible and if anyone is a witness to the accident get their contact information.  Witnesses are protected and your employer cannot retaliate against them for testifying in a comp claim.