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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things To Keep In Mind During The Claim Process

The insurance company is very perceptive over injured people who push for early settlements or become impatient with delays in authorization for treatments or payments.  Their adjusters are very experienced and know how long they are legally allowed to make you wait, and they know that the impatient Claimants will likely give up sooner and either return to work despite being incapacitated, or try to pay for treatment out of pocket or through their own health insurance.  They also know that if a Claimant is trying to settle the case too early they can offer an amount lower than what the claim is worth.   Don’t fall into these traps!!!  Every injured worker goes through the same lengthy, tedious, and sometimes unreasonable process, and your attorney should make it as smooth as it is legally possible. 

Many of our clients have to be out of work as a result of their injury.  This causes a lot of stress!  We know that despite the lack of income the bills keep coming, and we know that the amount you can collect in compensation can be significantly less than what you made before.  You should not create additional stress by failing to keep doctor appointments every 45 days or by failing to review your doctor’s reports to ensure that, if your doctor is saying you must stay out of work, he/she is also saying that you are 100% or totally disabled.  That must be specifically listed in the report, together with a diagnosis of your condition and an explanation of how that was caused by the work accident history you gave your doctor.  You should always make sure that we have a copy of that report so we can help you in court. 

Many of our clients become frustrated and experience high levels of stress because of their injury event.  Keep focused on your health and allow us to be focused on presenting your claim.  Your health should be your number one concern.  Everything else will work out.  While it is ok to be angry over what happened, it does not help your case.  Just remember that our firm is dedicated to your cause and we will be the ones to help you recover what you legally deserve in compensation.  You worry about you and let us worry about your case.  In order for us to fight for you we will need to use our time to speak with the insurance companies and Carrier’s attorneys.  The more time we spend helping you cope with your frustrations in person or over the phone, the less time we have to successfully recover on your behalf.  We also need you to trust our expertise and allow us to use the pace and strategies that we know works best and most efficiently in getting you the benefits you deserve.      

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